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Organizational Change Management

ADOPTION is the truest measurement of ROI

I know we need some but why? What is it?
Upward Curve


Statistics: Pain and Failure or Pain and Success

Change is painful.  Change is inevitable.  Planning for change provides pain management and offers paths toward progress and success.

The top five factors for success or failure of projects are:

  1. Executive Support and Project Sponsorship

  2. Collaboration - Involvement Plan

  3. Vision, Scope, Goals Alignment

  4. Effective Project Management and Methodology

  5. Knowledge Transfer Plan


Note that all of the top five factors are PEOPLE related

and NOT

Technology related.

Brainstorm to Success




Aren't we just talking about a communication plan and a training plan?

NO! It is more.


We are talking about planning and executing on EVERY opportunity to achieve the highest possible return on your significant investment of time and money.

The communication and training strategies are important but there is SO MUCH MORE that must be taken under consideration in order to achieve ADOPTION of new systems, processes, and functionality.

Failing to plan is PLANNING TO FAIL.

Group Meeting


Everyday. Always. Every meeting. Every conversation.

There are formal activities that occur during every phase of the project.

These include:  Strategic alignment, stakeholder analysis, project charter, project communication plan, project training plan.

ADOPTION requires more than these.  ADOPTION also requires KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER.


Knowledge transfer requires:

  • Consultants with experience and expertise who are capable of listening.

  • Client engagement.

  • A common and collaborative objective to work and progress together toward ADOPTION.

The Bottom Line

30% of projects fail.

70% are 'successful.'

Of the 'successful' projects, how many were over budget, over time, or defective in function upon completion?

The path to success is challenging but

it is not mysterious.

You just have to

protect all of the investment.



Legged Stool

$$$   Leg One:     Your investment in new technology

$$      Leg Two:     Expertise engaged to implement a configuration that meets your business needs

$        Leg Three:  The PEOPLE component

  • Leading:  Sponsorship from Leadership throughout the effort

  • Supporting your SMEs (Your subject matter experts)

  • Managing expectations

  • Planning for and promoting change (hide the sledge hammers)

  • Monitoring the pulse - The change journey and pace are individually unique

  • Celebrating successes along the way

Change management should be included in every conversation, and by the way,

the  "Go-live" isn't the finish line for this leg of the stool.  It is just a milestone for the

change management effort. 

Which of the three legs gets short changed?

 Which will maximize your ROI?


Giving equal attention and support to all three legs is

the difference between

30% and 70%.

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