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We follow 4 D methodology:

  • Discovery

  • Design

  • Develop

  • Deliver

Our clients are provided opportunity for engagement in every phase and our focus is on transparency and ​collaboration in order to drive toward the common project objectives:

On time, on budget, mutually agreed upon functionality and ultimately...



We will agree upon collaborative objectives and deliverables for every project phase.
Success is ultimately dependent on commitment from all parties to maximize the opportunities to realize the highest return on investment.

Return on Investment

The client's ultimate Return On Investment is ADOPTION of new systems, processes, and functionality and the ability to be self sufficient in the care and upkeep of the new technology.
Our return on the investment of time with our clients is a glowing reference of our collaborative efforts toward your success to new clients and additional work and collaboration if and when needed.

Project Management

What is the most important

area of focus

for the project manager?


Is it the Structure?

    the plans, the roadmaps, the documentation

Is it the Data?

    the backups, the integrity, the analysis

Is it the People?

    the Smes, the team, the sanity, the sponsors

Is it the Milestones?

    the obstacles, the wins, the setbacks, the progress

        It is All of Them.

                       All of the Time. 

                               All Day.  Every Day.


And it is Beautiful.

Richard Parsons, PMP

Program, Project Management, and Organizational Change Management Specialist

Organizational development specialist with experience in program and project management, facilitation, and design of large-scale organizational change.

Specialties: Solution facilitation, executive mentoring, individual coaching, group team building, cross organizational collaboration, change management, global implementation management experience

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