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Training Solutions

We offer you significant experience in managing complex, sizable training development initiatives on very tight schedules for both classroom and online learning. We are very accustomed to managing, collaborating and interacting with multiple levels within a single organization on a regular basis throughout the development process.

Curriculum development services:

  • Large or small scale training planning

  • Course design & development 

  • Train the trainer coaching

  • Custom instructor materials

  • User experience initiatives

Erika does not take a “cookie cutter” approach to training development.  She knows that every audience has unique requirements.  Having worked many years managing curriculum planning efforts and courseware development for Oracle University, she engages in a comprehensive needs-analysis to better understand how we can best serve your needs in terms of course development and training delivery towards adoption. The Productivity Firm imbeds our processes into our client’s procedures to provide a seamless development experience. Typically, we expect to manage the entire course development process, and have established milestones and approval checkpoints to ensure that the courses and materials we deliver are in 100% compliance with your course templates and program goals.

Erika Chancellor

Training Guru & User Experience Advocate

Get to know us

When should we include the training specialists in the project?

This is a great question.

Most organizations include their HR, training staff, or some unsuspecting employee with a mortal fear of public speaking about two weeks before go-live.

Just kidding...   When most users are asked how they got trained for their jobs, they laugh or highlight a wonderful discussion held with their predecessor as they packed up their desk... not kidding.

Through extensive research and experience we have narrowed the correct answer to this great question to a very specific day: 


According to research, neglecting the upfront planning processes for corporate training can impact project cost and timeline negatively, by up to 30%.
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